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Bed Head Deep Waver Review

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Many women crave the "beachy hair" style, but struggle to get it. Even a day actually at the beach normally makes hair tousled and tangled, not wavy and silky. Introducing the Bed Head Deep Waver - for less than $25 on Amazon, this curling iron will take almost any type of hair and in minutes turn it into the perfect straight-from-the-beach style.

Bed Head Deep Waver

Features of the Bed Head Deep Waver

The Bed Head Deep Waver is designed to provide flawless, frizz-free waves to even the straightest hair. The ceramic structure and the evenly distributed heat helps the hair stay moisturized, even if used daily.

  • Instant heat recovery
  • Professional flexi cord
  • Plate locking switch for easy storage and travel

Pros and Cons

The Deep Waver has many rave reviews on Amazon, with users saying the waves hold in their hair for a couple days, especially if product is used. Applying hair spray prior to waving helps the hair maintain its "beachy" look, creating big waves whether hair is thick or thin. Without product, most users say the hair still holds the wave, even if it hasn't stay curled or crimped throughout the day with other irons. The Bed Head Deep Waver comes with plastic on the end, preventing arm or neck burns while using it. It is lightweight, making it easy to hold with one hand, and completes large sections of hair at a time. It has a dial that adjusts heat for tighter or looser waves. It works on curly or straight hair, and doesn't require hair to be dried with a hairdryer before use. Even with hair allowed to air dry, it creates a uniform, beautiful style. One thing to note is that creating waves does take time - users mentioned total waving time taking from 15 minutes to over an hour. The Bed Head Deep Waver also doesn't come with a stand, and while plastic is covering the tip, the actual iron gets very hot. Users recommend using a towel to place the waver on so it is not directly on the bathroom countertop. The negative reviews, of which there weren't nearly as many as positive reviews, mentioned the Bed Head Deep Waver making hair frizzy or burning it. Some reviewers also said the product broke within the first month, and note that the plug does not work in Australia or New Zealand. Unlike other users saying this product is easy to use, some women thought it felt bulky and hard to manage.

Who will like this waver?

Most women looking for wavy hair will like this product. It works on all hair types, and if the heat level is properly adjusted, should wave the hair without burning it. The waves are long lasting, so for those looking for a style that allows them to get up and go in the morning, this is it. With the reasonable price of less than $25 on Amazon, the Bed Head Deep Waver will give buyers luscious, beachy waves without the frizz or the fuss. Click Here to get the Bed Head Deep Waver

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