Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron

Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron Review

miraqueen curling iron
Finding the best curling iron can be a daunting task. Some don′t get hot enough, so the curls never set. Some only work on certain types of hair. Still others get too hot, leaving hair fried and frizzy. Most women should avoid these problems when using the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron. A professinal level hair tool, this futuristic curling iron is available at many online retailers.
Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron

Features of the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron

The Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron bids the old manual curling irons goodbye. It automatically curls hair in its curling chamber, producing loose, medium or tight curls based on a timer. All heating occurs inside the chamber, preventing finger or neck burns. It automatically shuts off after an hour, so users never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. And with ceramic and tourmaline materials, hair doesn′t get frizzy or damaged, and stays healthy longer.
  • 450 degree F - the highest heat available
  • 3 heat levels and 4 timer settings, auto power off
  • LED screen- displays timer, temperature, and curl direction
  • One Year Warranty

Pros and Cons

On Amazon, 89% of reviewers gave the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron five stars out of five. With the automatic timer, hair doesn′t stay too long around the curling iron, making it burned or frizzy. Each curl is uniform, since the Miraqueen Professional monitors how much hair is put into the chamber. If too much hair is present, it will stop curling until some hair is removed. When the curling is done, the curling iron beeps, making it easy to know when to stop curling. Most reviewers say their curls last for a few days, even without product Reviewers did say the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron comes with a learning curve. One reviewer said the first time her hair was sucked into the curling chamber, she panicked - unnecessarily. A few seconds later, a perfect curl popped out. Since it comes with so many heat settings, finding the perfect setting for each type of hair might take some time. However, having that many heating options allows users to add versatility to their hair styles. The few negative reviews almost all mention hair getting stuck in the curling chamber. While this did happen to a few people, most seem to not have this issue if the hair is combed and tangle-free before curling. Smooth hair will prevent a malfunction within the chamber. Some reviewers also mentioned the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron Ceramic Curling Chamber being broken upon arrival. If you want to check out a couple good curling iron options before making your decision, we suggest checking out the Conair Infiniti Pro Professional Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron or perhaps the Bed Head Deep Waver so that you can compare the products out there.

Who will like this curling iron?

With so many positive reviews on Amazon, it seems that most women will like the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron - regardless of hair type. It is quick to use, and since the curls last multiple days, it′s perfect for those who like to wake up and go. The on downside of this iron is that it costs more than an average curling wand - about $80, on sale, on Amazon. Normal price is around $130. For those looking for salon-quality hair and a salon-quality product, look no further than the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron. While more expensive than many curling irons or wands, this hair tool speeds up the style process and makes hair look naturally curled. Click Here to get the Miraqueen Professional Curling Iron, Curling Wand, Hair Curler with Ceramic Curling Chamber
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